AFT Statement on USITC Report Detailing Tariff Impact

WASHINGTON, D.C., (March 15, 2023) — Americans for Free Trade (AFT) spokesperson Jonathan Gold released the following statement in response to the United States International Trade Commission’s (USITC) report finding that Section 301 and Section 232 tariffs contributed to higher prices for U.S. businesses:

“USITC’s new report reaffirms what has been clear since the start of the trade war: U.S. businesses, not China, pay for the cost of tariffs. As the findings note, import prices rose in near lockstep with the tariffs, meaning that the more than $173 billion in taxes these tariffs effectively created fell directly on American businesses, workers, consumers, and families. This is a fact we reiterated for USITC in a letter last year, and we urge the Biden administration to finally bring an end to this trade war and provide a boon to a U.S. economy faced with increasing uncertainty.”