AFT Statement Following Vote on Motion to Instruct Regarding Tariffs Exclusions Process

WASHINGTON, D.C., (May 5, 2022) — Americans for Free Trade (AFT) spokesperson Jonathan Gold released the below statement following yesterday’s vote on the Motion to Instruct proposed by Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) to include Section 73001 as included in the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act in a final conferenced Bipartisan Innovation Act.

“By voting in support of this Motion to Instruct, the Senate has once again recognized the importance of reinvigorating the exclusion process for products subject to Section 301 tariffs and demonstrated its commitment to finding a solution for the American businesses, manufacturers, farmers, and families who continue to struggle with the additional economic burden these tariffs create. They make the U.S. less competitive globally and cause disproportionate economic harm to an American economy grappling with ongoing inflation concerns. While the best solution would be to lift the tariffs and take a more strategic approach to address China’s unfair trade practices, we believe reinstituting this exclusion process is a critical interim step to providing relief to U.S. businesses and making them more competitive with their Chinese counterparts.”