Previewing the Florida Primary: Tariffs Deserve Significant Attention

Leading up to the Florida primary, tariffs remain a major problem that threaten business owners, farmers, and communities throughout Florida and across the United States.

Analysis from Tariffs Hurt the Heartland shows that to date, Florida taxpayers have paid $1.5 billion in additional tariffs since the trade war with China began. Beyond this, trade helps to support 2.4 million jobs in the state, and 145,300 jobs could be lost if Florida businesses don’t receive the relief they need from the trade war.

This alarming data is exactly why Democratic presidential candidates must show Floridians that they are dedicated to helping the state recover from the damage dealt by tariffs and lay out a plan to finally bring the trade war to an end. Florida is a key swing state, and ending the trade war is an issue Democratic candidates should be talking about. 

Alice Ancona, director of International Strategy and Policy with the Florida Chamber of Commerce noted that international trade accounts for a quarter of Florida’s economy and said that tariffs cause “a pretty significant impact.”

Americans are the ones paying for tariffs – not China. As the Miami Herald reported, Elliott Barnett’s company Dewitt Tool was faced with the unfortunate reality of deciding to raise prices due to the ongoing trade dispute with China.

“The future is simple: We will have to raise our prices,” Barnett said. “It’ll be passed on in the cost to build the bridge, to build the tunnel.”

While the Phase One Deal was a welcome step in the right direction, there is still a lot of work to be done to finally remove all tariffs that remain in place. Democratic presidential candidates need to show Floridians that it’s work they’re willing to do to revitalize the economy.

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