Previewing the Arizona Primary: Tariffs Deserve Significant Attention

In preparation for the Arizona primary, it is important to remember the harm that tariffs have caused to the state’s businesses, communities, and families, as well as to hardworking Americans across the country. 

According to data from Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, Arizona taxpayers have already paid $436 million in additional tariffs because of the trade war. Beyond that, trade helps to support 746,700 jobs in Arizona, and 42,700 jobs could be lost in the state if the trade war continues.

Democratic presidential candidates have the opportunity to show Arizona voters that they are dedicated to protecting the state’s economy by laying out a plan to lift all remaining tariffs and bring the trade war to an end. 

If the tariffs that the Trump administration have put in place continue, many of the state’s key industries will be at risk. As the Arizona Daily Star reported, cotton and pecan farmers have been hit particularly hard by the trade war, with many already struggling to cut costs. Daniel Pacheco, Farm Manager at Pacheco Farm Management, spoke about trade’s importance to Arizona’s farmers:

“We’re just hoping the market’s going to turn and we can come to some sort of agreement with these tariffs … That’s the only thing holding the price down right now. China has all the manufacturing, so we’re kind of at their mercy as far as them wanting to buy our crops.”

Farming isn’t the only industry hurting because of tariffs. Speaking to KTAR last year, Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glenn Hamer discussed how every industry in the state shoulders the burden:

“This will affect every sector of our economy, whether it’s mining, semiconductors. Agriculture always gets the brunt … It’s very, very important that the two leading economies in the world figure out a way to get to a good deal. End of story.”

Significant progress was made with the signing of the Phase One Deal, but much work still remains, which is exactly why all presidential candidates must commit to bringing an end to the trade war.

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