Americans For Free Trade Statement On Trade and Tariff Comments During Vice Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON, D.C., (October 8, 2020) — Today, Americans for Free Trade spokesperson Jonathan Gold released the following statement regarding last night’s Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Utah. 

“Last night’s debate gave Americans the opportunity to hear where the Vice Presidential candidates stand on tariffs and the trade war. While Vice President Pence doubled down on the Administration’s trade policies, Senator Harris highlighted the devastating impact of the trade war on jobs, manufacturing, and agriculture in the United States. Although Vice President Pence attacked Vice President Biden’s plan ‘to repeal all of the tariffs that President Trump put into effect,’ it would be welcome news to the American businesses, workers, consumers and farmers who have paid nearly $60 billion in taxes to the federal government in the form of tariffs since the trade war began. Lifting the tariffs should not be a partisan issue – members of both parties have long supported trade policies that put American workers and farmers first – and we urge both the Trump Administration and Biden campaign to commit to repealing the tariffs.”