Americans for Free Trade Statement on Executive Order to Defer Some Duties for 90 Days for Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus Outbreak

WASHINGTON, D.C., (April 20, 2020) — Today, Americans for Free Trade spokesperson Jonathan Gold released the following statement regarding the Administration’s announcement to defer collection of certain duties for 90 days for businesses struggling during the coronavirus outbreak:

“The Administration’s announcement to defer the collection of some duties for 90 days is welcome news and a good first step to help provide temporary relief to American companies that are fighting for their survival during the coronavirus pandemic. Delaying the collection of certain duties will help free up cash for companies who desperately need it to stay afloat and preserve U.S. jobs.  While we thank President Trump for listening to the concerns of businesses and taking action to help them get through this crisis, many companies were left out of this measure and will still owe significant – and in some cases a crippling amount of – tariffs to the federal government at a time when they are struggling to survive an unprecedented economic shutdown. We urge the Administration to heed the call of hundreds of businesses and organizations to expand this Executive Order to all categories of tariffs, and delay collection of all duties for American companies.”

On March 18, 160 businesses and organizations, representing every part of the U.S. economy including manufacturers, farmers and agribusinesses, forest products, retailers, technology companies, service suppliers, natural gas and oil companies, importers, exporters, and other supply chain stakeholders, sent a letter calling on President Trump to suspend tariffs as part of the Administration’s emergency measures to help mitigate the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak.